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The strength in medium

Virginia Gold’s light tobacco leaf

Aromatics are represented by classic mono-tastes.


The strength is just above average.

Virginia Gold’s boiled tobacco leaf.

In the aromatics of this line, we express our vision of modern hookah mixology.


The strength is high.

Light tobacco blend Virginia Gold and Burley .

Aromatics are represented by classic mono-tastes 

and replicas of popular fragrances. 


The strength is just above average.

Virginia Gold’s dark tobacco leaf.

Joint project with Nikita Efimov (“Typical hookah”)

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About the company

Virginia Group was created to produce high-quality tobacco for hookahs. In our work we adhere to the principles of openness and transparency. Our production and headquarters are located in Moscow. The company produces only excise products and operates strictly within the legal framework.

Outsourcing (For those who want their tobacco) Virginia Group provides tobacco services for hookahs. You can contact us, we will help to form a technical task. Flavorists and technologists will select and manufacture a product that meets all your requirements. At the output, you will receive a finished product with excise duty and a declaration of compliance.